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Unforgettable Moments: Dagamba's Epic Conclusion to their China Concert Tour

For the first time ever, a Latvian independent music band has successfully completed an ambitious 11-city solo concert tour in China, one of the largest countries in the world! DAGAMBA captivated audiences across 11 different cities, showcasing their talent in prestigious concert halls frequented by renowned artists worldwide.

After a month-long concert tour, the band DAGAMBA has returned from distant China, filled with new experiences, impressions, and unforgettable concert memories. This has been the largest tour within one country ever, as well as a great achievement for the Latvian music industry.

After a rigorous selection process, DAGAMBA was chosen among many top crossover music genre bands from around the world.

Musician Valters Puce characterized the concert tour as remarkably beautiful and full of adventure. He observed how the initially reserved Chinese audience gradually transformed into enthusiastic rock music enthusiasts. The tour organizers were also pleasantly surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response from the public, surpassing their initial expectations.

During the concerts, DAGAMBA presented the best songs from their various programs. Regardless of the concert's global location, the band consistently features Latvian music and includes a Ukrainian piece to emphasize an ongoing message about the conflict. At the climax of the show, DAGAMBA and the audience joined in a collective performance of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy," known as the European Union anthem, which astonishingly, all concert participants were able to sing along to!

Despite being in China for the first time, DAGAMBA was warmly welcomed everywhere with great enthusiasm and excitement, suggesting that this collaboration has the potential to thrive in the future!

The musicians of the band express their joy in discovering that despite representing a small country like Latvia, they were able to captivate and impress people in distant parts of the world without the need for verbal communication. They were warmly welcomed in all 11 cities where they performed, making them feel appreciated. It brings them immense satisfaction that DAGAMBA is highly respected in those places and can connect with numerous individuals through their music.

The band has come back to Latvia with renewed energy and motivation to reach out to their audience in various cities across the country:

August 10 - Roja

August 17 - Saulkrasti

August 24 - Līgatne ("Zeit")

September 6 - Jurmala (Dzintari concert hall)

September 7 - Ikšķile

October 19 - Daugavpils



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